Long back people or the candidates use to grab any job opportunity whatever comes on their way and go for joining without clearing any doubts related to their job benefits or compensation, number of leaves they can take, and many others. The number of companies also uses to be less before as compared to now.

But today, candidates are aware of their potentials and thus they go for asking several questions.  After the discussion, if they feel that the company policies are quite flexible and it wouldn’t bother them in near future then they join the company.  Many startup Companies are flourishing new in the market and they don’t have that much of money power as well as need to hire an HR.

Then they go hiring HR Consulting Company to help them in hiring candidates.

An HR Consulting Company acts as a bridge to connect the right candidates with the companies. In the job portals, they make the corporate accounts to contact with the candidates for various job opportunities.

You might be looking out for a new job for quite a long time and gave interviews in many companies. Suddenly you got a call from one of the interview company HR that you’re selected and you need to visit the new company for discussing the salary and other job- related queries.

You should be aware of certain things like your experience and expertise will help you in bargaining about the salary hire. A seniority level candidate may find the company package negotiable whereas a fresher may find it quite tight. The company strength also depends to change while looking for a good package.

Here, are the certain things you need to discuss with HR or the respective HR Consulting Firms before saying yes to a new job-

  • Salary timing

Ask for the salary hike as per your seniority level, and don’t compromise on your expected salary.  Many times, the company agrees to negotiate on the given salary package if they found out the candidate is quite capable to push the company towards the top position in the market. Ask them about the salary date, what is the last expected date for the salary.

  • Ask for other perks

The company simply offering the high wages and benefits isn’t enough at all. Now the candidates want more from the company like flexibility in office timings, work from home, office parties, paid off, promotions, and lots many. The more perks the company offers the more candidates are attracted or willing to work for the company.

  • Ask for the relocation expenses

If you’re going to relocate from one city to another city then you need to know whether the company is willing to pay your relocation expenses or not.  They may pay certain percentage of your actual shifting expenses or may provide you guest house until you  get any rent house or apartment to stay.

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