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Companies are moving towards making use of specialised niche agencies, rather than sending specs en masse to agencies in general,” she says. “They are learning that a focused approach produces faster and better quality results.”

Gallant says there is also a tendency towards head-hunting, and companies wanting to feel more involved in the screening process. “Because head-hunting is a more advanced form of recruitment, specialised agencies are moving towards operating on retainer contracts, enabling them to maintain an exclusive working relationship with the head-hunted candidate,” she notes. “Furthermore, as the economy produces more graduates, we have noticed that academic qualifi cations are beginning to weigh less than good, solid experience, the former having become somewhat of a given.”

Also, Gallant points out that the demand for specialists in key positions has waned, with an increase in demand for strategic, lateral-thinking all-rounders.

As a company, Dalitso HR Solutions believes that the best way to contend with these trends is to develop closer working relationships with clients to better understand their needs. “We also prefer servicing a core of key clients, and doing them justice, rather than taking on more than we can handle eff ectively,” says Gallant. “We have rationalised our database and tightened our screening in line with client needs. Part of this has meant informing potential candidates about the more exacting client requirements.”

Gallant adds that Dalitso HR Solutions is also focused on developing knowledge on the technical requirements of job orders. “This is in order to be more hands-on when sourcing people for the more specialised positions in our area of speciality,” she explains. For Gallant, diff erentiation is vital. “We believe in focusing on the real needs of the client instead of turning recruitment into a speculative game and bombarding the client with CVs,” she says. “We also believe in keeping abreast of new trends in recruitment methods.”

Her team is an important facet of her key to success. “We employ the best possible experienced consultants, and remunerate them competitively, based on performance,” says Gallant. “Service is another key – we extend ours beyond just recruitment, to include other relevant HR solutions. We’re looking for win-win partnerships with our clients.”

Aside from the challenges represented by the changing trends within the industry, Gallant points out that Dalitso HR Solutions faces the usual challenges most small companies face, such as achieving balanced growth, and matching internal capabilities with client needs. “We also strive to develop our brand in an industry that has often been discredited by small recruitment agencies,” she says. “We want to develop a brand that is distinctive, and based on adding real value. It is challenging, however, when one is competing with big players for the same limited pool of candidates.”

Gallant’s vision for Dalitso HR Solutions is for it to become the most recognisable brand in the recruitment niche market, based on quality service. “We want to concentrate on building a core of key clients that we can build long-term partnerships with,” she concludes. “On the other hand, we also want to adopt an approach that views our candidates as clients as well – not just merchandise to be sold. After all we want to be a catalyst for human resource solutions – we therefore have to cater competently for both sides of the recruitment equation.”

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