Take away the stress and worry of dealing with industrial relations issues and concerntrate on running and building your core business with peace of mind. We understand that managing labour relations in your organisation is time consuming, therefore let us assist and guide you to take swift and appropriate action, fairly and within the bounds of the South African labour law.

Proactive measures and laying solid, principled and legal foundations create stable working environments for employees and employers alike. There is no need to put out fires or lose credibility in adverse situations. Dalitso will assist you to minimise and eliminate such risk as well as to narrow this trust deficit between you and your employee.

Did you know?

  • The CCMA is currently dealing with over 100 000 cases every year, 80% of which are related to allegations of unfair dismissal by employees against employers.
  • 40% of employers in South Africa have lost their case at a CCMA arbitration.
  • 80% of cases referred to the CCMA are for unfair dismissal disputes.

Dalitso proactively implements and adheres to best practice and procedures in labour relations to ensure optimal staff performance, reduced workplace conflict and minimised risk in dismissing staff, within the scope and provisions of the legislative framework. Our firm but fair approach to trade union collective bargaining, discipline management, strike handling, incapacity investigations and restructuring, minimise the

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impact of disruption to your organisational operations whilst you peruse your core business objectives.

We provide effective and comprehensive facilitation to combat common employee related problems to create a productive and harmonious working environment.

Dalitso offers affordable monthly retainers tailored to meet your business requirements. Alternatively, once-off project related consultations and professional support are offered for all the IR services available.


On-Site Assistance
On-site assistance provides for the chairing of disciplinary enquiries, grievances, transfer of business, retrenchments, counselling, incapacity, poor performance enquiries, union negotiations, strikes and much more.

24 Hour Helpline
A 24-hour helpline is available to ensure that you are able to obtain professional IR and HR advice at all times.

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