Bursary Administration

Bridging the gap between education and a meaningful career!

The provision of bursaries to talented leaners empowers deserving individuals to achieve their career and life goals. For many learners, bursary management organisations such as ours, bridges the gap between education and a meaningful career. At Dalitso, we are equipped to support your bursary fund by administering and managing the distribution of these funds to learners.

Our Services

  • Recruitment and Selection of beneficiaries
  • Online database maintenance and records management
  • Financial processing and disbursement of funds
  • Dashboards and detailed customised reporting
  • Integration and Business Support
  • Liaison with learning institutions
  • Risk management
  • Secure and transparent bursary fund management

Dalitso is well positioned to provide you with effective implementation and maintenance of your bursary process through an integrated online solution.