Dear Naledi Gallant,

It gives us great pleasure to announce Dalitso Holdings’ new products and services.

In response to the ever-changing business environment as well as technology, we are introducing a one-stop-shop for HR services. We’ve also identified new technology and more efficient and economical methods to enable us to provide a better service to you.

The changes introduced will close performance gaps to help us better meet our organisational goals and objectives. Our new brand is a positive transformation and will not affect the service and commitment that the business has demonstrated thus far. Our new products and services include the following.

Employee Wellness

When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits. A correctly designed wellnessprogram can increase productivity, boost moral and reduce stress. Wellness programs help employeesmake smart and healthy choices that can reduce health care costs, increase vitality and diminish absenteeism. Click here for more information.

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