The process of interview or looking up for jobs is indeed a hectic procedure and sometimes it becomes dispirit as well. There are various things a job seeker needs to pay attention to. From dressing professionally to talking wisely, job seekers go through a tremendous pressure.

Above all the discussions, there is one more crucial topic to know about. Although aspirants do a deep research on the industry and nature of work, they often forget to give time to know how to represent their thoughts when the HR management asks for salary expectation. No matter you are going through Recruitment Agency or received a call directly from the company, you will be asked about your expectation. Answering this question could make or break the chance of working with your dream brand.

If you have not thought about answering the question, you need to take necessary steps to get ready. Below are the tips that are helpful for fresh candidates as well as experienced professionals.

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Tips to answer when asked for salary expectations:

  • A prior research

Before you commit a date for the interview, make sure you perform a thorough research about salary criteria of your respective field. You can have ideas from your seniors or the people who support you. Do not always rely on the results given by the internet or salary websites, as they could be misleading sometimes. Look for what people in your field working in the similar role are getting and make a note based on it.

  • Provide a range

Coming up with fixed digits might display your image a rigid candidate. Make a note on your current salary, how much other experts are making in your industry of work and then decide on a range that works for you.

  • Do not give false assumptions

Even if you are being placed via permanent Staffing Solution, do not mention an unrealistic amount, which does not give any logical base. For e.g., if you are earning 40k, and your expectation if of 65k+, you are considering your career like poker. There are certain salary guidelines depending on your experience, skills, and last salary, and you much meet them.

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